Where else can you find a complete package of eclectic arts and culture, illness historic sites, healing such as the Biltmore Estates, breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the Southern charm of some of the friendliest people whom you will ever meet? Asheville, of course! And this is why visitors continue coming back to this charming and unique city, again and again. Located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Parkway and Great Smokey Mountains, no matter what time of year or what age you are, Asheville has something for everyone. If you are a visitor to Asheville try this Asheville Vacation Travel Guide.


Asheville Dining Out

There are more options for dining out on the gluten-free diet than ever before. Asheville is great for small local restaurants that are knowledgeable about gluten-free restrictions and are able to accommodate them. Many chain restaurants have realized the importance of catering to people with dietary restrictions and include gluten-free menus. However, we advise that you always remain cautious and attentive when dining out. The possibility of cross-contamination and unknowledgeable wait staff, continue to be concerns for gluten-free patrons. Never be afraid to ask for a manager, if you get a feeling that your server doesn’t “get it” or if you suspect something is wrong with your food. This is your own health, and body that you are protecting, and no one else is going to care for it the way you will!
For more about taking precautions when dining out see out gluten-free basics page.

Asheville Area Gluten Free Restaurants

Avenue M
791 Merrimon Avenue, Asheville NC 28804
notes: Gluten Free Items on the Menu

62 N. Lexington Avenue Downtown Asheville, NC 28801
phone: 828.350.1140
notes: french comfort food Gluten-free crepes now available at Creperie Bouchon.

Blue Ridge Bear Yogurt & Espresso
1854 Brevard Rd. Arden, NC 28704

notes: bakery/coffee shop that specializes in gluten free/sugar free cakes, pastries, etc.


11 Biltmore Avenue Asheville, NC 28801
1 + (828) 239-2946
notes: gluten-free items labeled on menu
menu:Link to Menu

Fiores Ristorante Toscana
122 College Street Asheville, NC 28801
(828) 281-0710
notes: gluten-free dough available. Menu:link to menu

Frankie Bones Restaurant & Lounge
Gerber Village 2 Gerber Road, Ste. 101 Asheville, NC 28803
notes: gluten-free menu available: Link to menu

GreenSage Coffeehouse and Café
5 Broadway Street, Asheville, NC 28801
P: (828) 252-4450
notes: Kitchen Open Until Closing Time
Breakfast Served All Day! Fresh Local and Housemade Desserts including, Chocolate Carrot Cake (Gluten Free), Chocolate Espresso Cake (Gluten Free and Vegan), Orange Chai Cake (Gluten Free and Vegan), and Lemon Coconut Bars (Gluten Free)!

Horizons Dining Room, located at The Grove Park Inn
Location: At the end of the Sammons Wing (Lobby Level);The Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa
290 Macon Avenue Asheville, NC 28804
Phone #800-438-5800,
notes:gluten-free items available upon request. Menu: link to menu

165 Merrimon Avenue, Asheville, NC 28801
Phone: 828-258-7500
Notes: Vegan Restaurant with Gluten free offerings

Posana Café
One Biltmore Avenue, Asheville, NC 28801
Phone# 828.505.3969 fax# 828.505.3968
Notes: Posana Café is entirely Gluten Free!. They have been awarded the Gluten-Free Food Service Accreditation from the Gluten Intolerance Group of North America and caters to diners suffering from a broad spectrum of food allergies.

Standard Pizza Company
631 Haywood Road Asheville, NC 28806
Phone:(828) 255-8122
notes: gluten free pizza available in the 14″ size, two dollars more than the regular 14″ size. Be aware, NOT made in a dedicated gluten-free facility/oven.

Sunny Point Café
626 Haywood Road, West Asheville, NC
phone: 828-252-0055
notes:a few gluten free items labled:* Organic Orange Scented Gluten Free Cornmeal Hot Cakes and flourless chocolate lava cake stood out. Here is the menu link: link to menu

Sunset Terrace located at the Grove Park Inn
The Sunset Terrace is located just off the Main Inn; 290 Macon Avenue Asheville, NC 28804
For a reservation call 800-438-5800
Gluten-free items labeled on menu: link to menu

The Laughing Seed Café
40 Wall Street Asheville, NC 28801
Phone# 828-252-3445
notes: “Our Menu includes vegan, raw, and gluten-free options, all flavorful and stunningly delicious. We create everything in house and are widely known for our wonderful ice creams, cookies, and desserts.” menu link:link to menu

Tupelo Honey Cafe
notes: Small Local Chain, New Southern Cuisine, GF sides labeled; GF sandwich bread available, for an additional charge


Downtown Asheville
12 College Street Asheville, NC 28801
phone: 828-255-4863

South Asheville
1829 Hendersonville Road Asheville, NC 28803
phone: (828) 505-7676

West End Bakery & Cafe
757 Haywood Road
Phone# 828-252-9378
Notes:“We have been expanding our Gluten-Free offerings to include a variety of muffins in flavors such as blueberry, pumpkin chocolate chip, and raspberry almond. We are trying to keep on hand extra loaves of our Gluten-free Bread to make sandwiches. 
As always we offer a rotating selection of Gluten-free desserts like Carrot cupcakes and Chocolate Mousse.
Our Gluten-Free baked goods are made with Organic Brown Rice Flour and Tapioca flour .



Bonefish Grill
105 C River Hills Road, Asheville, NC 28805
Phone: (828) 298-6530
gluten-free menu available: link to menu

Mellow Mushroom
50 Broadway Avenue, Asheville, NC. 28801
Phone: 828-236-9800

notes:gluten-free pizza available

Outback Steakhouse
30 Tunnel Road, Asheville, NC 28805
Gluten Free Menu: link to menu

P.F. Chang’s China Bistro
Biltmore Park Town Square
26 Schenck Pkwy., Asheville, NC 28803
(828) 681-2975
Gluten Free Menu:>link to menu
Notes: National Chain, Upscale Chinese/Asian Cuisine, Gluten Free items on the regular menu, Make sure you get the correct gluten free soy sauce and dipping sauces. Several items available, including some dessert items.


Let us know if we are missing any restaurants from this list.

Asheville Area Support Groups

Asheville Gluten Intolerance Group
Contact: Sheila Horine
Phone: 828-274-8532
This group meets on the 4th Tuesday of the month at various locations.
Please check the website for up-to-date information on each meeting.

Hendersonville Celiac Support Group
Contact: Laurie Steenwyk, RD
Phone: 828-696-1140, ext 3142
This group meets every 4th Wednesday 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. at the Pardee Health Education Cente, Blue Ridge Mall, Hendersonville.

Western North Carolina Celiac Support Group (CDF)
Contact: Terrie Swanson
Phone: 828-726-8893
Visit this Group’s Facebook Page
This group serves the area from Asheville to Charlotte. They meet every other month on the last Monday night in the month at 7 p.m.

Asheville Grocery Stores

Earth Fare

Earth Fare, site Asheville
66 Westgate Parkway Asheville, NC 28806
Phone: 828-253-7656
link to website

Earth Fare, Hendersonville
1856 Hendersonville Road Asheville, NC 28803
Phone: Phone: 828-210-0100

French Broad Co-op
Downtown Asheville
90 Biltmore Ave.,Asheville NC 28801
“A grocery store for everyone!”

Greenlife Grocery
70 Merrimon Ave., Asheville, NC 28801 USA
Phone: 828.254.5440
(owned by Whole Foods)


Gluten free product list: link to gf product list

Note from Ingles: These items may not be available at all stores. If you cannot find an item at your store please check with the store manager or call or e-mail Leah McGrath – Ingles Dietitian (800-334-4936 ;”

1865 Hendersonville Rd.,Asheville NC 28803
Phone: 828-274-0804

575 New Leicester Hwy Asheville NC 28806

863 Brevard Rd.Asheville NC 28806
Phone: 828-665-0787

Woodland Hills 499 Weaverville Rd.Asheville NC 28804
Phone: 828-645-4521

780 Hendersonville Rd.Asheville NC 28803
Phone: 828-274-1174

7 Leicester Hwy.Asheville NC 28806
Phone: 828-253-2005

225 Charlotte Hwy Asheville NC 28803
Phone: 828-298-2160

915 Merrimon Ave.Asheville NC 28804
Phone: 828-253-1326

1141 Tunnel Rd.Asheville NC 28805

669 Haywood Rd. Asheville NC 28806

29 Tunnel Rd.Asheville NC 28805

153 Smokey Park Hwy Asheville NC 28806
Phone: 828-667-9306

West Village Market
In the Bledsoe Building
771 Haywood Road West Asheville, NC 28806
gluten free items
Please let us know if we are missing a store that should be listed here.

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